Size Does Matter.

Remember when websites were all about fitting onto your desktop view? Scrolling was a no-no… You didn’t want a visitor to have to scroll “past the fold” to have to continue to view or read content. It was a way to almost guarantee visitors wouldn’t stay. Too much searching for content that they wanted instantaneously. Instant gratification.

So, what’s the deal with these “scroller” sites now? Trendy sites where it appears all content is on one. long. page. Welcome to 2015. The age of tablets, mobile and, dare I say, even watches. We have to have websites that can adjust to all screens and sizes, and don’t make visitors have to click through different pages. Laziness? Maybe. Efficient? You bet.

It is easier for users to simply scroll through a site to get the information they need than to constantly click and search for information. Are there benefits? Oh yeah. Not only on the homepage, but also on pages like “PRODUCTS” or “ABOUT US”. These can now be extended to showcase more information without having to go to the dreaded “1, 2, 3… Next” scenario on a mobile device. Plus, it’s just so darn pretty. Content elegantly displayed with the user in mind – every user.

So… how do you know when to move to a scroller site? When should you join the ranks? I guess the question is more like “why haven’t you moved to this site yet”. Remember to always market to your audience…not yourself. How do you want your virtual business / storefront speaking for you? With a “check behind door #1” mentality, or just laying it all out there for easy viewing, making your clients number one.

Apple seems to be pretty successful… Maybe following their lead isn’t a bad idea.  Check out their site for the iPhone 6.  We could all use success like this.

Here’s the latest Scroller website from Creative Services:   SmartAlertz.Services  It’s a beauty!

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