The Star Wars Effect

So, did you hear there was a new Star Wars movie coming out soon?  If you haven’t then you live where no TV, websites, social media or any retail establishments exist.  These days you cannot go anywhere without seeing, hearing or being bombarded with the buzz that is Star Wars.  It’s like I’ve stepped back into my childhood in the 1970’s and am reliving my days playing on the floor with own Millenium Falcon and Han Solo action figure.  (Shhhh… I’m dating myself with that comment.)

The genius of all this is that no one really knows what the new movie is about. There have been very small clips and trailers teasing us with information, brief snippets of dialogue from our beloved characters “Chewie, we’re home” and images of those amazing battle scenes with even more amped up lightsabers.  But, what is it REALLY about?  And do we REALLY care?  It’s Star Wars.  That’s all that matters. And we’ll pay big bucks to be a part of it.

It’s pure marketing genius.  They have us – the original generation – foaming at the mouth to get tickets as soon as they come on sale.  They have the new generation – our kids -begging for the new toys (and let’s face it, we want them too.  They are completely awesome.)  You can’t go anywhere or look at anything without some reference to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We’re watching episodes 1-6 to get “caught up.”  We want to get to know the stories again, the characters again and remember what last happened in Return of the Jedi as the scene faded to black.

The movie isn’t just a movie.  It’s a full customer experience.  We can touch it, feel it, see it, and be a part of every aspect of it.  Imagine if your business was this way?  What kind of customer experience are you creating?  Everyone can create a Star Wars effect – maybe not on the same scale as our gallactic heroes, but even a smaller scale.  A scale that makes those you work with and work for feel a part of your everyday business and what makes you tick.

Let the force be strong in you.

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