Spotlight On: Freedom School Partners

fspOnce in a while a project or a client comes along that can change your entire outlook on why you do what you do.  Freedom School Partners did that for Creative Services.

For over 15 years, Creative Services has only had one philanthropic mission:       To improve the lives of children within inner city areas across the United States. Through annual gifts of sports equipment, books, personal grooming and school supplies, our mission is a most precious service — and our proudest accomplishment.


freedom school

Recently, we had the opportunity to help an organization that meets our mission.  And it happens to be in our back yard.

Based in Charlotte, NC,  Freedom School Partners is ensuring that every child who needs it, can have access to books and a better future that comes along with them.  As they say, their programs are designed for the children who need it the most, but can least afford it.  Creative Services has had a long standing relationship with the partnership for years and is thrilled to be contributing to their ongoing mission for these kids in need.  Whether it’s a new website or marketing piece for community outreach, dropping sports equipment off for the kids to use, or just consistent donations and support, we believe this organization is one to watch as they are truly changing kids lives every minute of every day.

When it came time for Freedom School Partners to have a new streamlined look for the website, Creative Services volunteered to turn their vision into a grand online presence.  Kenya Smith, Communications Coordinator for the partnership said, “When we decided that we were ready to move our website in a more modern direction, Creative Services was a no-brainer for us. We had worked with them very closely on our previous site and knew that they understood the culture and climate of our organization well enough to help propel our website to a new level. Throughout the process they took their time to understand what we wanted, and most importantly, needed. Everyone from the design team to the programming team were so helpful, responsive, creative and innovative. When it was all said and done we had a beautiful, clean and current website — above and beyond anything we could have imagined or asked for.”

We don’t often get a chance to help shape the future, but when we do, it’s a feeling that is never forgotten.  Freedom School Partners has allowed Creative Services to do this through our partnership.  If your business hasn’t found a way to partner for good with someone or some organization in your community, do it today.  It will remind you of why and when you were passionate about what you do.

To learn more about Freedom School Partners and how you can help, visit their new website at


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