Brand Platform Rx

How Clear, Clean & Concise is your Corporate Brand?

Diagnose in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Look at your existing corporate marketing materials and website URL.
  2. Spread all marketing materials out together for review, then pull up the website.
  3. Do the marketing materials and website keep one consistent message?
  4. Is there one consistent branding theme with common design themes and colors?

If you answered “No” to questions 3 & 4, your target audience is confused about your corporate brand.
Ambiguous branding stunts corporate growth and customer loyalty.

The definition and development of a Brand Theme Platform Rx ensures:

  • Efficient execution of the brand with each communication opportunity
  • One message for total clarity of the bran
  • A consistent branding theme


Thorough review of all marketing materials and website. Using the best direction of the brand, we will clarify the message and present two design concepts. The Agency Level concepts will be executed on two existing marketing materials for comparison. Once you choose your favorite theme, it will be used in all on-going marketing. (Execution of theme to materials is not included in platform cost.)

Project Cost