Brand Platform

Introduce, Re-brand or Re-build a Brand

Every successful company has a rock solid brand. It’s platform is written in stone. And it is followed every day, in every marketing promotion and is repeated in every marketing communication. Period.

A brand is developed by consistently communicating using a clear, concise message and theme platform in all marketing, online and PR activities. Whether you’re introducing a new brand — or rebuilding an old brand, a Brand Platform:

  • Sets the message, theme and emotion of the brand
  • Keeps the message, look and feel of the brand consistent in all touch points with the consumer
  • Maintains efficient execution of the brand with each communication opportunity
  • Ensures on message for no confusion about the brand
  • Keeps all marketing and PR activities on point every time

Ensure your Client that your Creative Services Team consists of Brand Strategists, Creatives, Copywriters and Designers who understands what it takes to create a healthy brand. Utilizing the standards of a Brand Platform, we are trained to clearly communicate the goals of the brand.


We will deliver an Agency Level presentation of two unique Brand Platforms for client review and approval. Once the client chooses their favorite, we will present a final Brand Platform.

Once the Brand Platform is finalized, you have a large opportunity for changing their website and all marketing materials to meet the standards of the new platform. (Execution of theme to collateral materials is not included in platform cost.)

Project Cost