Marketing Campaigns and Corporate PR

Campaign Winner Integrated Marketing Campaign.



This Campaign Winner is for winners!  It is a mega strategic campaign using your target customer’s most personal touch response points:  direct mail, social media, google ads, and phone.  It’s integrated marketing at it’s finest.  And it works.

Creative Services Team will strategize, write and design the entire campaign:  direct mail pieces, landing page, Facebook ads, and Google ads.  We will place the ads, assign a tracking phone number, add analytics and report the results.  And the results will be incredible.

This campaign is a winner. Try it once, and you’ll order it over and over.  Getting business leads, branding, raising funds or promoting an event, the Campaign Winner comes in first every time.


Agency Level Service Includes:

  • Your Choice of 2, 3 or more Mailings
  • Creative Call with Copywriter and Art Director
  • Development of Campaign Concept
  • Unique Design Theme and Marketing Message
  • Design and Messaging of 2 or 3 Direct Mail pieces:  Postcard, Flyer or Fold-over Card
  • Design, Messaging, Coding and Hosting of Landing Page(s)
  • Design and Messaging of Facebook Ad(s)
  • Design and Messaging of Google Ads (3 sizes)
  • Tracking Phone Number
  • Analytics Reporting

Project Cost