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MULTI-MAX Multi-Platform Advertising Campaign

Multi-Platform Advertising Ensures Multiple Opportunities of Being Seen by your Customers

Your target audience isn’t on just one digital channel and your advertising has to follow. By spreading ads across social and general web advertising platforms that seem to “follow you around”,  your brand becomes top-of-mind through multi-platform recognition points. Gentle reminders from ads in many of the places your target is browsing and visiting online will create more eyes on your website and more ways to capture sales and lead generating calls.


According to Google Analytics, 96% of unique website visitors will leave without taking any sort of action. The Multi-Platform Advertising Program re-targets ads that WILL bring your Target back. We make it easy to reach your website visitor to start the sales conversion process from potential customer to valued customer.


Your ads “follow” your website visitors around for 30 days when browsing on Google and/or Facebook and Instagram.

New visitors will be directed via a postcard, newsletter, eblast or print ad to your website.  Upon landing at the website, a “cookie” will be added to your visitor’s computer. This cookie is coded to set the retargeting of ads that the visitor will see when searching on Google and/or Facebook and Instagram. The retargeting of ads continues to pique interest and helps make your brand more top-of-mind with the site visitor.

Each ad in the campaign predicts the visitor will have an accelerated level of interest when clicked. We anticipate it may take the visitor several times in seeing the ads before interest is peaked enough to click, discover and contact your business.

Monthly, we will send a report on the numbers of clicks and impressions received from the advertising along with website page views and statistics.  See Example of Monthly Report.



Agency Level Service Includes:

  • Strategy, Planning and Campaign management
  • Messaging and Design for eight sizes of ads for Google:
    • 320 x 50 px,   728 x 90 px,   300 x 250 px
    • 300 x 600 px,   970 x 250 px,   600 x 500 px
    • 600 x 315 px,   1600 x 600 px
  • Messaging and Design for three sizes of ads for Facebook/Instagram:
    • 600 x 315 px.   600 x 600 px.   1200 x 628 px
  • Submitting and obtaining approval from Google and Facebook/Instagram on ads content (approx one week)
  • Setup of Campaign in multi-platforms
  • Add Reporting Code your website or landing page
  • Bid out / Place advertising with both Facebook and Google
  • Monthly Reporting

Minimum Campaign Run-time:   3 Months Contract


Project Cost