Marketing Collateral

Corporate Brochure/Folder

The Image Maker

Image makers always seem to go that extra mile. The same holds true with a customized Corporate Brochure / Folder with two inside pockets. With a saddle-stitched interior multi-page brochure and folder pockets, it’s the best way to present — and promote — your professional image. The Creative Services Team of marketing copywriters and branding designers will customize a creation worthy of only an image maker. Fully designed both inside and out, it’s certain to make a lasting impression.


Agency Level Marketing Collateral Includes:

  • Layout Size:  18″ x 12″  /  4–8 Saddle-Stitched Pages + 1 or 2 Pockets / Single-Fold Folder
  • Creative Conference with Copywriter & Designer
  • Professional Copywriting, Custom Design & Layout – Folder + Insert Pages
  • One Conceptual Layout
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • Stock Photography

Project Cost