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It’s our way to assist you with presentations, estimates, quick links, and downloadable Info Sheets. Check back often — we are always updating and adding new tools.  Contact Misti Fink if you would like Info Sheets branded with YOUR logo.

Your Retail Website Planner

  • Easy-to-Remember.  Client Friendly.

  • Priced at Retail for Customer.  Your Dealer Wholesale Cost is 50% of retail shown.

Now, you can work with your Customers on your own Branded Retail Website Planner.   Together you can plan, price and sell any website package or product.

Features include:

  • Web Portfolio.  WOW! your customer with great websites built by your Creative Services Team.
  • Specs and Product Information to prepare and inform your customer.
  • Discount Codes:  5, 10, 15, 20, 25        If you want to sell for less than the retail — or run a sale — we’ve made it easy.  Every web product has a field to enter a Discount Code by the Total Cost. There are 5 different codes:   5, 10, 15, 20, 25.  For Example: Add 10 to the Discount Code — and the total changes to 10% off.  Add 20 to the Discount Code for 20% off.  Now it’s easy to adjust your retail cost or to offer your customers a Sale Price from 5% to 25% off the RETAIL cost.  Remember, the discount is only off of your Retail cost — not the wholesale cost.
  • Hosting Information

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Website Info Sheets

Click on any Info Sheet Topic below to download PDF.    Contact Misti Fink if you would like Info Sheets branded with YOUR logo.

Website Development Timelines

Click on any Timeline below to download PDF.  Contact Misti Fink if you would like Timeline Sheets branded with YOUR logo.

Sample Website Proposal Template

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Policies, Terms & Conditions

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BaseCamp Login for Project Management

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